Sketch Comedy

Saturday Night Live – The Love Toilet

A toilet for couples who insist on doing everything together Advertisements

Chappelle’s Show – R. Kelly’s “Piss On You” Video

Was anyone *seriously* unaware that R. Kelly is a depraved freak?

Mad TV – Dennis The Menace II Society

Dennis The Menace gets an urban facelift in this hilarious mashup

In Living Color – Imposter (Snow Parody)

White reggae singer Snow responds to criticisms of his skin color

Saturday Night Live – Dysfunctional Family Christmas

A Holiday album for those tension-filled Christmas gatherings

Mad TV – Stuart’s Christmas Play

Stuart plays Baby Jesus in his church’s Christmas pageant

The Kids In The Hall – Evan The Shoe Salesman

His name is Evan and he sells shoes

Saturday Night Live – Delicious Dish

Today on NPR’s Delicious Dish, Season’s Eatings owner Pete Schweddy talks about his special Holiday treats

Mad TV – Dentist-In-A-Box

Introducing a new, super fantastic product!

Mad TV – Estrella Viaje!

Star Trek en español, Mad TV style!

Christmas With Mr. Shatner

William Shatner teaches kids the true meaning of Christmas.

In Living Color – Mama’s Gonna Kick Me Out (LL Cool J Parody)

“LL Cool JJ” fears the worst now that the Good Times have ended

The Kids In The Hall – Girl Drink Drunk

A guy gets hooked on girlie drinks.

Chappelle’s Show – Popcopy

The Popcopy employee training video

Mad TV – The Klumps On Eddie

The Klumps enjoy a lively dinner conversation about Eddie Murphy.

In Living Color – The Sharpton & Farrakhan Comedy Hour

Civil rights leaders by day, comedians by night.

The Kids In The Hall – The Bass Player

Listen to the greatest bass player in the world.

Saturday Night Live – White Like Me

Eddie Murphy explores racial inequality.

Chappelle’s Show – Car Dancing Commercial

Commercial for the ’03 Elipse