Album Of The Day (11/30/18) – Unearth “Extinction(s)” (2018)

The masters of Massachusetts Metal return with their latest offering Advertisements

Playlist-Palooza – Not Your Parents’ Christmas Playlist

Bored of the usual Holiday tunes? Then give our Christmas playlist a spin!

Album Of The Day (8/20/18) – Triumph The Insult Comic Dog “Come Poop With Me” (2003)

Triumph’s 2003 debut album is just as hilarious today. We don’t keed.

Album Of The Day (8/14/18) – Garbage (Self-Titled – 20th Anniversary Edition) (2015)

The remastered edition of Garbage’s 1995 breakthrough self-titled debut

Album Of The Day (8/13/18) – Disturbed “The Sickness” (2000)

The debut album that made Disturbed a household name

Album Of The Day (8/11/18) – Primer 55 “(The) New Release” (2001)

In memory of Jason “J-Sin” Luttrell

Album Of The Day (8/10/2018) – Sinsaenum “Repulsion For Humanity” (2018)

The second full-length album from the Death Metal supergroup

Album Of The Day (8/9/18) – Daniel Tosh “People Pleaser” (2016)

America’s most woke comedian presents his third album of hilarious, jaw-dropping comedy.

Album Of The Day (8/8/18) – Wendy’s “We Beefin?” (2018)

Wendy’s brings their brand of fresh, never frozen fast food warfare to your ears.

Album Of The Day (5/2/14) – Austrian Death Machine “Triple Brutal” (2014)

Tim Lambesis presents another round of Schwarzenegger-themed Metal!

Album Of The Day (5/1/14) – ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic “Off The Deep End” (1992)

The King of Parody presents one of his finest albums

Album Of The Day (4/23/2014) – Slipknot “Iowa” (2001)

Slipknot’s heaviest album to date

Album Of The Day (4/22/2014) – Afroman “The Good Times” (2001)

We were going to post this album on 4/20, but we got high.

Album Of The Day (4/20/2014) – Revocation [Self Titled] (2013)

Revocation continues to deliver the goods with their self-titled album

Album Of The Day (4/19/2014) – Aerosmith “Pump” (1989)

The epic continuation of Aerosmith’s remarkable comeback

Album Of The Day (4/17/2014) – Lamb Of God “As The Palaces Burn (10th Anniversary Edition)” (2013)

The ten-year anniversary remaster of Lamb of God’s breakthrough album