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Saying Goodbye… to the walls, the nature, the mountains, the ground that I have called home for most of my life… Packing up all of my things, feeling the chaos of the process and the tug on my heart strings…. I remind myself, that the end has been inevitable and the door closing as I walk away, well, it needed to happen. Let it be now. Let the breath enter my being as I exhale the plethora of emotions that are coming to the surface as so many memories re emerge in my mind. The tears I've shed here, the joys I've experienced, the highs, the lows…. the pain and the love. The many litters of puppies I've raised. The parties, even the isolation at times. The sanctuary of my own heart and quietness & inspiration this land has offered me. We must all remind ourselves that Endings are a beautiful thing. The ending of something simply signals the brand new beginning of something even better; something grander than our dreams and more suited to provide in our highest best interest, our highest growth. Why is it that change makes us back up? Makes us so uncomfortable? Indeed, the only thing we can ever count on is change. So, new beginning, I welcome you with excitement and a little bit of fear. I will acknowledge my uncertainty as a signal that I am in fact headed in the right direction. It doesn't matter anyway, as all the directions lead us back to one place: HOME 🙏🏼✨ 📸: @haseebophoto

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