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In what seems like a “what took you so long?” moment for a southern-style chicken restaurant (even if it is just a fast food place), Kentucky Fried Chicken has finally introduced a limited-time chicken and waffles dish, the first real attempt by a fast food place. (While Popeyes tried something similar with their tasty Chicken Waffle Tenders, the authenticity – even by fast food standards – left much to be desired.)

Background Info


KFC’s official selling point is a lower price than you’d find at a sit-down restaurant, and there are three different variations/prices to choose from. KFC offers a small Waffle Basket with one waffle and your choice of Original Recipe Chicken, Extra Crispy, or Chicken Tenders ($5.49), the larger Waffle Big Baskets with two waffles and an additional piece of chicken/ Chicken Tender ($7.49), and a Chicken & Waffle Sandwich with a filet of Hot Honey Chicken between two waffles for $5.99. These limited-time items (available through December 31) are part of their “Flavors Of The South” menu, which includes regional-themed favorites such as the Nashville Hot and Georgia Gold chicken.

The Dish


As mentioned before, the chicken is your choice of Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or the Chicken Tenders. No introduction needed here. KFC has curiously chosen to go with Belgian Waffles, the kind you’ve probably found in individually-wrapped packaging at Costco. The waffles are durable and sweet on their own, but if you need more of a sugar rush, the Waffle Baskets come with tubs of Mrs. Butterworth’s maple syrup. If you have any syrup left over after finishing your waffles, it doubles as a nice dipping sauce for your chicken.

Bottom Line

While KFC’s offering (like any other fast food item) is no match for its sit-down counterpart, KFC’s Chicken & Waffles is easily the best thing on this fast food chain’s menu. It is also competitively priced by today’s fast food standards. Hopefully KFC has a change of heart and decides to keep it as a permanent item.


(4.5 out of 5 Smokeshows)


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